Handmade Surfboard Wall Display Rack - Eco-Friendly

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Some surfers love displaying a favorite board in their house or bedroom. This rack looks absolutely beautiful whether or not there's a surfboard on it.

It's made with a beautiful solid walnut outer + solid reclaimed pine inner with an eco-friendly finish. The padding is made from recycled tires.

Details: Handmade item:  Please expect slight variations in the wood figure (all are absolutely beautiful).

Arm padding made from recycled tires Wood finished with natural shellac Comes with mounting hardware consisting of two screws and two anchors

Dimensions (each rack): 6" inches tall x 2.5" wide x 8" (arms are 0.75" wide and 7" long)

A great way to organize and is beautifully designed to accentuate any living space Great gift idea for any surfer Also a great wall rack for other types of boards such as wake, snow, skate, etc.

Ships worldwide from San Diego County, California